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Kathleen and her Vision (draft)

Kathleen Lang studied at Bucks County Community College with an emphasis in Printmaking as a mid-life change of careers. She then began teaching at various venues such as Grounds for Sculpture and Arts Council of Princeton. Through this she discovered Sustainable Eco-Printing on textiles. Kathleen Lang, the Wearable Garden's founder pursued a fine arts degree in a mid-life change of careers.

Environmental concerns have always been in the forefront of her work and lifestyle. Founding The Wearable Garden has helped her inform consumers of the damage that industrial textile dyes have on the environment. What comes from the earth must return to the earth. Kathleen's vision is to develop and refine sustainable, zero waste textiles. She partners with local florists, restaurants and hotels in an effort to reduce waste and return used organic materials back to the environment through compost.

She knows that her commitment to respect the earth and the environment while creating beautiful works of art will help build a sustainable future. And by working together with our neighbors we are benefiting our community socially and economically. We can all help in this cause by purchasing from incredibly gifted artisans such as jewelry creators, potters, painters, sculptures, wood crafts and of course textiles from The Wearable Garden. Buying locally and sustainably helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced by industrial manufacturing.

We hope that you join us in this endeavor in some way.  

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