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torrenting download video music song download hls youtube.torrent password Ubuntu bug 1617233 in unity-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "unity-settings-daemon crashed with SIGSEGV in XRRGetScreenInfo()" [High,Confirmed] Its from vlc tno: yes please file a new bug tno: could you try from nouveau to get the latest things aswell? okay tno: you already did nouveau on live right? Could be a graphics card issue, at least one person with the same issue (under wine) reported a similar crash well I just started it again its weird because it starts without any issues I think it might be related to this: Ubuntu bug 1582710 in unity (Ubuntu) "The 'accelerator' section in the unity launcher does not launch the corresponding application" [Low,Triaged] alright tno: you can also try to compare current /boot/ with installed packages on live tno: its a good idea to always have a backup :p I did a diff between /boot and installed packages but it only showed kernel files tno: yeah but could be interesting to compare if installed packages have newer xorg perhaps? I haven't installed anything so not sure if its possible to get a diff between installed packages tno: you have a seperate /boot on the system? no I am on a laptop btw my computer is an old desktop I did a diff between /boot and installed packages on my laptop and there's nothing new tno: tnx, lets compare to another live its a difference between the versions




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