Meet The Team

Kathleen Lang

Kathleen Lang lives in Lambertville, NJ where she is inspired by the beautiful and vast landscape  surrounding the Delaware River, filled with peaceful forests and graceful waterways. Kathy began her journey twenty years ago by creating and teaching printmaking, papermaking, and book arts. She attended Bucks County Community College and studied Fine Arts with an emphasis in Printmaking.


Catalyn Phillips

Catalyn is currently majoring in Fine Arts at Bucks County Community College. She met Kathy while attending an eco-printing workshop at Bucks that was recommended to her by her printmaking teacher. Catalyn has always been interested in many forms of art. Her current favorites are jewelry making, drawing, and printmaking. She loves being outside, reading, and spending time with her friends and pets.

Creative Assistant
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Elle Erpelding

 Elle is a recent resident of the Hunterdon County of New Jersey. She is an artist, a designer, a project manager and a digital marketer with over fifteen years of experience in designing and producing products and experiences that helped businesses of all sizes succeed. Her new aspirations in life are living a simple but meaningful life, helping small businesses thrive and giving a helping hand to mother nature. 


Strategy & Marketing Director