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Upcoming Workshops

Virtual & In-Person

Upcoming Workshops

Check in often for updates and information regarding upcoming workshops.  Join my mailing list for the most current updates or email at Kathleen Lang for further information. 

Workshop Image with plant design
Virtual Botanical Printing Workshop

February 21, 2024  11am - 4pm EST

Learn how to botanical print in your own kitchen, studio garage or even patio. During our session together you will learn how to set up your work station at home, basics in eco printing such as what colors plants will create, the differences between fabrics and paper, how to get a print to discharge from the plants, how to care for your creation and so much more.Register online and be sure to order your kit.  The kit includes, a scarf, dowel, list of supplies and plants to gather, samples of color modifiers, and a blank one page accordion book made of high quality printmaking paper. 

Season's Garden Center - Advanced Botanical Printing

Take your printing with botanicals/eco printing to the next level.  After a year of experimentation I have successfully developed a process that will carry a vibrant color into the background of your eco printed design.   It is a one-step technique that will discharge your plant design and your background color all at once during a two hour cooking time frame.  A list of suggested plants and other materials to use in your design will be emailed upon registration.
Check back soon and sign up for email notificatios for Spring 2024 workshops at Seasons

Plant design
Eco Printing Workshop

Private Group Eco Printing Workshop

Wherever you are, if Kathleen can get there she will teach your group.  Participants will create their very own silk scarf with botanicals.  So gather your friends and other like minded people!  Kathleen will come to your location of choice supplies in hand to work with your group!  Contact Kathleen to schedule your workshop date 

Botanical Printing on Paper Group Workshop

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