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Upcoming Workshops

Eco printing is a sustainable, natural dyeing technique of capturing botanical prints directly from live and dried plants.
In our Eco Printing workshops, students will create a sustainably hand-dyed silk scarf, work into paper, or their own project.  Eco-printing employs the use of botanical material as the design elements. Participants will learn how  to coax the color and shape of their live plant material design into the fabric. Each student will take home their very own one-of-a-kind eco printed silk scarf.
Beginner to experienced levels are welcomed!

Arranging Plant Designs on Silk Scarf
Arranging Plant Design on Silk Scarf
Finished Plant Design On Silk Scarf

June 23rd, 2024

10:00am - 3:00pm

Advanced Eco Printing Workshop at
Seasons Garden Center, NJ

Take your eco-printing skills to the next level.  Learn how to embody gorgeous color backgrounds into your eco-printed textile.  This class focuses on a technique called “eco-printing with a carrier blanket” and has become very popular amongst textile artists around the world.  Beginning with a blank white scarf, participants will create a design on the fabric using plant materials.  A separate fabric will then be used to infuse a colorful background.  Participants are encouraged to have some previous eco-printing experience. After registration, participants will be guided to collect and flatten botanical materials to use or experiment with in their design.  We will break for lunch.  Feel free to bring your own or preorder an optional boxed lunch from our local gourmet deli.

Join us!

Dates Coming Soon

Summer 2024:

Seasons Garden Center, NJ

Private & Group Workshops

Gather your garden club, fiber guild or group of friends & family to immerse yourselves in creativity with nature. Have Kathleen come to your location, or join her at

Seasons Garden Center in Washington Crossing, PA.

Dates and times will be mutually agreed upon.


Your attendees will design and naturally dye with plants and more to create a one-of-a-kind, beautiful silk scarf. Kathleen will guide your group through each step including the selection, composition and the magical process of "eco printing" your plant design. 


Group discounts are available. Prices include an 8 x 72 inch silk scarf and all other supplies. Contact Kathleen directly to book your group and discuss pricing today!

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